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      My stock starter on the MKII is going south, while I have it off how about the Ford racing M1100A50 for a replacement, smaller and higer torque. Is this a bolt on on my org 289? I asked this on the team thread and got some good answers which I put in my personal filing cabinet, which of course crashed…..thanks

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      I can’t help you with the Ford racing starter, but I can give you another option to consider.

      Powermaster ( was extremely helpful when I was looking for a small gear-reduction starter to use on my V6 Alpine conversion.

      They offer three different starters for the 289 engine with a manual transmission. Click on “racing” and then on 160 / 180 / 200 Ft. Lb. Starters. It looks like you probably need a 3/8″ offset version, but I am sure they can advise you on that.

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      If there is a problem with the race starter, it will be with the number of teeth on your flywheel and the alignment of the gears when the starter is installed. The only way I know for sure whether it will work is to try it and if it doesn’t., take it back. Hopefully you could contact Ford at their hot line at (586) 468-1356 and they could tell you. I have one on my 302 and it works great with lots more room at the headers.

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      Thanks all, now we have this working. I have the org engine so I can call Ford and give them the 289 eng # and they should be able to tell me for sure. A couple ofpeople I talked to thought it would fit fine…..cheers

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      Thanks for the phone # Ford says it will work…thanks

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      And it works perfectly, no matter how hot anything is. Came with nice wiring harness….I had to shorten it though, and very good directions which you should follow. A couple of people mentioned using a short “bridging’ wire on the starter so to only run one wire. May work for them, the directions say not to, it will hang on. I tested it with a short wire and gator clips…..hung on. Did it the way ford said…..perfect.

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