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      After 20 years of ownership, I am having the following intermittent starting problem. Will turn ignition on. I then get a clicking sound. If I remove the battery cable & then put it back, voila, it starts immediately. A couple of times just tapping the post solves the problem. I have always had a kill device with a screw to control flow (always in the on position) attached between the cable & the post. Looking for guidance. Thanks in advance.

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      Maybe try cleaning the battery posts.

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      The posts are clean. Maybe I should just remove the kill switch device.

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      Definitely remove the kill switch that is on the battery.There are real good keyed switches out there.I had this problem as well but on my truck.Battery posts and cable ends do not need much corrosion to give a problem.Also check the leads on the starter.

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      I had a similar problem on my Tiger — started fine, then the next time it sounded like a weak or almost dead battery. The battery was good, but I found the connection between the hot battery wire and the piece that fits over the terminal was not very good. I hogged out where the wire lay in the piece to make more positive contact and that did the trick.

      Although in your case it’s probably the kill switch.

      Fred Baum

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      I wouid check all connections and make them shiney. I would inlcude the engine to chassis ground strap.
      Mark L

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      Funny, I responded with advice to the starting problem here and the next time I went to start my Tiger just a click, click, click. I cleaned up the connections and no change. I decided to check the battery. Got a 10 V reading. Then I realized the Die Hard was 14 yrs. old. I replaced it with a recommended Consumer Reports Costco battery. $86.00, problem solved and ready for another 12-15 yrs.
      Mark L

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      Have since removed the kill switch on battery. Post wasn’t dirty, but wiped it anyway. Has been starting up fine.

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