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      I realize my tiger is old, and has a past, and may be bent, however is there a way to adjust the stagger of the Axle/A arms from side to side? I just mounted new tires and my right one has more distance behind it then the left 😕 , and hits the valance when turning to the left. I was just wondering if anybody has some ideas??? BTW The left tire has plenty of room.

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      Sounds like somewhere along the line it’s been knocked out of alignment. The cross member bolts to the front end with 2 large bolts per side, they go up through the holes in the bottom of the member you can see by the fulcrum pins. So, things that can happen.
      1 The holes in the top of the cross member can get elongated and the alloy castor wedges can crumble which can lead to it moving around
      2 I suppose it is possible there has been prior work leading to a lower A arm leading to a fulcrum pin direction being swapped. The notches
      in them for the securing bolts are not equidistant from the arm on both ends. The longer distance from the notches to the arm should be
      in back.
      3 The shock towers could be bend or partly broken loose or the cross member sagging pulling the tops inward. This requires the cross
      member to be removed and repaired.
      4 Hitting curbs and other obstructions over the years can cause the front to be pushed out of alignment. Car may also have been accident
      damaged and not properly repaired at some point.

      These are all possibilities and any one or more of them could be responsible. Without being there to examine the car its hard to be more precise.

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