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      Would anyone know the standard Tiger measurements for :

      1- The main leaf free arch
      2- the complete leaf assembly’s arch

      The car was given a severe spring bend job in the past I am trying to bring it back to spec. As it is, the Panhard rod is holding by six threads and no standard-length shock will fit.

      Cheers, Gilles

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      I do not have info. Sorry

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      How much arch do you have? I would expect about 3-4 inches is normal, when unloaded. Most cars which have not had springs replaced/reworked have virtually no arch when loaded.

      Will the shocks not fit on even with the weight of the car on the springs?

      If you cant get the info, why not just replace the springs?

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      Mine are off the car now and measure:

      1- The main leaf free arch – 4 1/16″
      2- the complete leaf assembly’s arch 5 1/4″


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      This car has not run in many,many years. I am the third person involved in its restoration. I have a picture of it taken in 1996 as found when it was taken off the road. With all its components, trim, and even a hardtop, it was sitting high in the back and had coil-over shocks. I assume that this was the owner’s way to overcome the car’s lack of traction masters.

      The previous restorers took pain to clean up, prep, paint and grease the springs that the car came with. The car looked silly when reassembly started partly because the rear wheels appear to be too close to the center of the car. That is what too much arch seems to do if the standard spring’s dowel/bolt is used to fit the rear axle.

      Thanks Phil for taking time to send me your actual measures. The springs were dropped at the shop and I will call them Monday.

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