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      John Walkowiak

        I have a stock 1965 Sunbeam Tiger that I am going through and "sorting out". This includes a new, complete wiring harness for the car. I have what I thought was the original Jaeger speedometer in my dash; however, the speedo cable was installed into the speedo with black RTV, as the threads do not match up. The speedo cable threaded female coupling is larger than the threaded male hub on the back of the actual speedometer. Am I missing an adapter piece that goes between the two, or do I have an incorrect speedometer?

        Some specifics on the installed speedometer: It is a Jaeger 140 MPH with an inner 225 Km/h range. Under the odometer is printed: SN 5321/O8 98O

        I have it out of its casing, so if someone thinks a photo might help I will attempt to work that magic on the forum.

        Thank you very much for any thoughts or insights. I am a new member as of this week,and will be filling out the new member introduction in short order.

        John W.

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        The Tiger parts manual shows the MK1 speedo is 5321/08 and the MK2 speedo is 5321/15.

        Speedometer cable information from the parts manual:


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        Post some photos of the back of the gauge and the cable end when you can. Your speedo might have Alpine internals and a Tiger face as the cable sizes were different.
        Welcome to the club and the forum!

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        John Walkowiak

          Thank you gentlemen for the information and welcome. I don’t seem to be able to post photos I took in their current format, sorry. I will look into the possibility of having Alpine internals in my Tiger speedometer.

          Thank you.

          John W.

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