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      i’ve just put 225/45 16 tires on the back to replace 205/45 16s. a quick back of envelope calculation suggests that a correctly calibrated speedo would now show about 72mph at 70mph. now much of a difference – i can live with that. but i’m wondering it got me thinking that perhaps the previous owner didn’t make any adjustments to the speedo gearing when putting the 16 inch wheels on.

      what are the stock wheel and tire sizes? (i.e. how much smaller are they than 225/45 16s). is there somewhere i can get bits to correctly gear the speedo?

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      If you have had 16 " on all the time and your calculations are correct. Then your fuel mileage may be off a bit After I had mine in a speedo shop here in Portland ๐Ÿ˜† My mileage went up////?

      Fast forward to yours. I would take it to a good shop and they can A) calibrate it or B) put in an adapter on the tranny . Mine cost abot 150 US
      They put it on a roller system and did the gear change in the adapter.

      Good luck

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