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      here it is,,not in its finished state yet but maybe soon,,some of you may not like it but I happen to think its is my tiger

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        Is that a real tatoo?… thats true sunbeam dedication!

        Interesting you went for a RHD tiger… maybe you can add the LAT ST logo with tiger head?

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        If you have a image of the tiger head I might consider it.
        Yes the tattoo is as real as it gets,i chose the rhd tiger because from an artistic veiw it looked better on the right..the image is from a old mailing I found for sunbeam specialites I think..either way ive been riding in a tiger since I was born in 1978,so its only fitting

        Pat j

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          If you want the tigers head i have 2 options i can supply for you..
          1) is the LAT tiger head logo.. just tell em the size you need and i will send it in high res for you.
          2) the growling tiger head from the factory broshures (more photogrpahic, less logo)

          you say the word.. email me the size you want and file format and i’ll send it.

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          send both images.any size works..The girl who does all my work is very into sunbeams and is actually as knowledgable as i am about the cars,,she also happens to be a excellent artist so and image I provide can be draw to fit accordingly..she actually just finished a lister tiger that is on my arm also now,,i will have some pics up when its fully colored in


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