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      Marcus van Bers

        Does anyone have recommendations for new soft top cover suppliers and tonneau covers? Interested especially from those that have ordered new covers and what they thought of the fit and the look. I don’t know if they are the same for all Tiger years. Thanks.

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        Last question first, Marcus. Essentially all Tigers use the same top cut. There were two different grain (texture) patterns used. Most were the popular pinpoint vinyl type. An expensive alternative is the Fabric HAARTZ top.

        I must preface the following comments with the following caveat. I have been out of business for about twenty years so I can not vouch for current vendors.

        Here’s something to be on guard about;
        Unfortunately, the original pattern used by many, if not most top manufacturers is incorrect. They do not fit correctly. Look at any Tiger on the Internet or car show with the top up. In most cases, you will see verticle wrinkles back of the window verticle cantrail. Also, notice the flaps are stitched approx 1″ too high on the top. See the illustration. Of course, some wrinkles are a result of poor installation practices. But the major problem is incorrect pattern. If you see an Alpine or Tiger at a show with a neatly installed top with no wrinkles and the flaps seams are not more than 1/2″ above the sheetmetal. ask the owner what the top brand is. Good luck finding a correctly cut and installed top.

        A popular top supplier, Robbins, was making the tops using the incorrect pattern that contributed to the side wrinkles. Not sure if they ever updated their pattern.

        Most wrinkles are a result of the incorrect top pattern and exasperated by poor installation. Installation requires a significant amount of frame straightening related to the alignment of door windows, toggle clamps, windscreen, attention to hinge operation, etc. All this is another story.


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        Marcus van Bers

          Thanks for the reply and what to look for if and when replacing the soft top. I was more interested in the soft top cover, the one that covers the soft top when it is stowed. Mine is ripped and the zipper is very rough. It just looks like crap so I would like to replace it. I am also interested in the tonneau cover that is fitted over the rear seat and passenger side but leaves the drivers portion open. I assume these were available perhaps as an option because I have the pins on the front dash for securing the cover.

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          James Lindner


            Classic Sunbeam in NY and Sunbeam Specialties in CA both carry the vinyl covers for the soft top. Tonneau covers also.


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            Sean Johnson

              The soft tops and tonneaus sold by Sunbeam Specialties are all made by Robbins. They have three different types. The pinpoint which is quite heavy, British Everflex, which is the correct material and fits the best, and the Haartz type cloth top. I had one of the Haartz type tops on my own car for 20 plus years, but they require regular treatments to preserve the look and color of the top. I’m not a huge fan of the pinpoint material, because it is so heavy, it is very difficult to make fit right, even using a steamer. They also do not last much longer than 3-5 years. Because they are so thick they tend to fold and crease, then fail on the folds

              I just bought a Everflex top. these are really the easiest top of fit, and if you are careful stowing the top, they will outlast the pin point type material. Cheap, they are not. Almost $600 with shipping.

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              Marcus van Bers

                Thanks for the added info. Where did you source your Everflex top?

                Sunbeam Specialties show just the pebble finish for the soft top boot cover. I have been told this was the original finish.

                However, Sunbeam shows the tonneau covers to be either the pinpoint vinyl or the crush grain vinyl (would this perhaps be the Haartz or Everflex?). While the soft top gets folded into the back compartment I can see where the thickness of the material would become an issue. However for a tonneau cover, do you not want something thick since it is just stored in the boot (trunk) when not in use?

                Thanks again.

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                Marcus, I misread your initial query. I think you are referring to the “boot” cover. Sunbeam Specialities has them custom-made with padding like originals. MKIA’s had the Pebble material. You should also get a new padded roll to properly install it.

                Tonneau’s were also mentioned as a wish item. I’d be cautious with used ones. Even NOS or old good condition. They shrink and snaps generally do not line up. When buying new, make sure the snaps are not installed so you can put them where you need to. Most, if not all new tonneaus come with snaps separate.

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                Sean Johnson

                  My Everflex top came from Sunbeam Specialties. As for the top cover/boot, He should have them in Pebble for Tigers, and smooth grain for Alpines… he has in the past. Currently, Sunbeam Specialties only has the tonneau covers in pinpoint, but they can be obtained on a special order basis in Everflex, just ask. Both the pin point and crush grain material is very stiff and hard to install, or refit once it has some age on it. The crush grain doesn’t hold up well over time, the pin point is just about indestructible, I have one that’s 25 years old that still looks like when I first installed it. I just prefer the look of Everflex. These are NOT cheap either. I bought an Everflex tonneau for the Prototype Tiger I restored a few years back… It was more expensive than the top.

                  As for storing the tonneau cover, I bought a tonneau storage bag for an Austin Healey 3000 MK3 from Moss Motors, part # 641-075 $64 USD These are made out of Black Everflex with cotton tie straps

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                  Marcus van Bers

                    Great info. Thanks. I will get in touch with Sunbeam Specialties.

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