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      Could someone post the dimensions for the strap that attaches to the soft top header and frame rails to provide the correct position for the rails when the top is up? The PO must have lost the original strap and used clothes line for this purpose. I’d like it to have a bit better look when I install the new canvas. Thanks.

      Randy Z.
      St. Paul, MN

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      Randy, I am not aware of a specific dimension for rail position. In fact, I doubt there is one. The rails are positioned under the top seams. The strap length will determine the one rail location. The actual process typically includes a combined positioning of the top seams and frame during the installation process. Ideally the frame should be adjusted (bent) so the cantrail weatherstrippng conforms to door windows before even starting to install the top material.

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      Thank you, Tom. I guess what you’re saying is to not worry about the dimensions of the internal web strap that runs from the header to the soft top ribs until the top is installed. Then secure the strap at the appropriate distances (ie., where the ribs line up with the top seams?) once it is in the full up and attached position. Since my top has lost it’s original strap, I thought it would be helpful to know from others what dimension that strap was or should be so that I could try to replicate it as best I can.

      Randy Z. / TEAE #1922

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      You can sort of guess the strap length you need. Sorry I can’t give a precise length. To compond the issue. There are a variety of strap combinations depending on the vintage of the top. Some have two straps, one on each side of the front bow going back to the rail. Most have only a center strap going back to the first rail.

      AS for strap material. Lawn chair webbing, old seat belts, and upholstery webbing used in the reconstruction of couches/chairs will work.

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      Tom’s right about the one or two straps. Look at your front
      cross piece that latches to the windscreen. There are small
      indents for the straps. One ident = one strap, two = two.
      The two straps seem to have been used in MK I’s and the
      single with MK IA’s on.

      The strap material front the front to center bow is a rubberized
      strap. I found a perfect match at a fabric store in their
      reuphostery section. Cut the width and dye black. The
      small strap between the two bows was a grey cloth attached
      with small metal plates pop riveted through the cloth into
      the bows.

      This is correct for MKIA around B382002668.

      Read TE/AE ex Pres Steve’s great tech tip on how to install
      a new top correctly. Its in our online tech tips.


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      Thank you, Dave, for the additional information. This will be very helpful. I do have a single strap soft top frame. I’m still wavering on whether to attempt to install the top myself but until I restore the top frame, the issue is moot. Running out of summer to get these things finished.

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      Hi Randy,

      That strap can be fitted many ways. I have fitted two tops so far. The second time around I had to re-do the front because the rivets were showing under the roof at the front bow. Pop-rivet it so as to fold the strap over them towards the back of the car.

      The middle bow was not riveted on either of the two tops I did.

      The most important issue with a roof is that the side windows sit well into it. My roof may sag, but it keeps me dry. I had to reweld the roof’s side legs for one of my two cars. Some frames must just have been welded wrong at the factiory. I see many cars like mine was, with a wide gap between the roof and the window near the door handles. It makes the car unbearable to drive in the cold or in the rain. And that is a pity.

      Cheers, Gilles

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