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      Hi all, I recently acquired a positive feed Smiths clock, a CE2914/17. It looks amazingly close to the 3131/01 model used in the Alpine Series V and Tiger Mark1A and II. Font size and orientation, bezel style and adjuster locations, red hands, pointed center shaft cap all look exactly the same to me. Close enough to a 3131/01 for my purposes.

      Before I send it off to Nisonger for a rebuild and conversion to positive feed, I would like to test it. Curiously, the feed lead terminal has two wires connected to it. one has a blue canister type device connected in its length. I would guess it is some kind of capacitor. Markings are DUBLIER, SV37, RM03851. Anyone know what it is for? Should I attach the negative terminal of my battery to this lead with the capacitor in it or the other lead? And yes, I will keep the clock totally insulated from any case grounds other than to the positive battery terminal!

      BTW, any recommendations for or not for using Nisonger? Any other rebuilders to consider?

      TIA, Gene

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      I wouldn’t bother trying to test it. There’s a fundamental design flaw with the Smiths clocks and most of them never ran for more than a short time anyway. It will need a good cleaning and overhaul to even start to work reliably.

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