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      Ron and Cathy Stein

        SOLD I found a better chrome bezel for the clock, as it was pointed out to me that the other one had a couple of very small dents in it. I also installed a lens to replace the shattered one. As you can see in the new picture there is a small hairline crack in this one that starts between the 6 and 7, but is useable and hardly noticable in normal light. I have also reduced the price to allow for the purchase of a new lens, if you want to replace it.

        This is the correct clock for the Series V Alpine and later Mk1A and Mk2 Tigers. The part number is CE 3131/01. Not tested but guaranteed to show the right time twice a day. A lot of them have been converted to a quartz drive. The glass was cracked and partially missing, so I took it out. Therefore you’ll have to buy a new or used one. The chrome bezel is good, and the clock arms are still very red, so haven’t seen a lot of sunlight. The face could use a good cleaning, but looks decent. I think it will be a good looking clock with new glass.

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