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      Gene Sokolowski

        Hello fellow Sunbeamers,

        I have just finished restoring and re-upholstering the seats and console for my Tiger MK1. It has not been the most fun I have ever had with contact cement and 77 separate items (not counting rivets) that make up the early bucket seats. I am glad to have that task finished. On to the next challenge:

        I am replacing the old (wiring) electrical system with a new 12-circuit (modern spade type) fuse panel and wiring harness with relays for headlights and horns. I purchased a gauge harness kit so that I could wire the dash gauges and switches on my worktable before installing the dash in the car. Once the dash is installed I just plug the 9 pin quick disconnect plug into the main wiring harness.

        Here is where I start to need help!

        Many years ago I purchased a Smiths 180 mph (right hand sweep) speedometer and a Smiths 8,000 rpm tachometer that were used in an early street Cobra (so I am told). The tachometer has its case grounded along with the other instruments. The tachometer has a standard male spade connector that I believe is for the impulse circuit. However, there are (for lack of known terminology) two other metal protrusions at the location of the spade. I am not sure if they are used in any way to hook up the tachometer. Has anyone hooked up one of these tachometers before? If so I could use your expertise and advice on how to correctly wire the tachometer. (Below is a link to Photobucket where I have a picture of the dash with gauges and switches and the back of the tachometer.

        I noted that three of the four switches had 5 connection spades on the back and one had four. Can it be there is a spade missing from the switch with four spades? If not, which switched circuit uses the four spade switch? Panel lights?

        I’m old and slow and somewhat forgetful … and I didn’t take my Tiger apart. That was done before I bought the car. So, I know I will have lots of questions about how to correctly assemble the car. Your advice along the way will be greatly appreciated.

        Waiting (patiently) for the day my Tiger is running!!!!

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