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      The winter project is going to be a race car. My son is excited about that.

      We’ve got a Series V Alpine and I’m just on the first steps of getting it prepped. Here it is right out of the paint booth.
      (of course we used left over paint from the Series III)

      It appears to be a cast of a "Johnny Lightning" Tiger prepared for fitting on a Thunderjet chassis.

      We intend to race a Ferrari on an oval track.

      ….. more to come

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      Almost ready for a drivetrain.

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      Nice racer! Is the body plastic and what scale is it? Where did you find it? I have an old Aurora HO track maybe this would work on. thanks, Eric

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      I got the body from ebay seller "taillights_fade". It looks like a total custom job. It appears to be a casting of a Johnny Lightning Hot Wheels car, since it matches up exactly with the dimensions of one that Tiger Tom bought on Sunday at the model car show in Hershey. It was not expensive either, but is requiring a lot of labor. I’ve seen them go for $200 in a finished condition.

      I have a 1960’s Aurora Model Motoring track too.

      Eric, I hope you are feeling better.

      Here’s the fruits of last night’s work… Valerie and I are almost ready for track day. 😉

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      C’mon Ferrari, let’s see what you’ve got?

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      Looks like you’re gonna need a little more rear rubber if you wanna beat that Ferrari :mrgreen:

      Nice project!

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