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      Looking for the spiral spring that holds the slave cylinder pushrod to the clutch fork. Gave mine to friend building a 302 Alpine. Will gladly pay for part and shipping to Western North Carolina. Any help appreciated.

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      James Lindner


        Sorry to see you have not received any replies. This part is tough to find. Some of us have been discussing a source behind the scenes without success. You might call Pegasus Racing. They supply GIRLING slave cylinders and the rebuild kit. I did not see your part on their website but maybe if you ask.

        Are you on FB. If so, try posting on the TEAE FB page. We have many FB members who are not on the Forum.

        Good Luck


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          Thanks to all for the help. I will keep looking for one but and let you know if and where I find one. In the meantime I will use an external spring as suggested by Tom. I can use the conveniently located hole in the fork and attach the other end to the slave cylinder bracket. And if I lose points for this I know where that 302 Alpine is parked.

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        You might also try these folks. They seem to have a lot of Ford parts including a lot of parts from the ’50s and 60’s models: http://www.vanpeltsales.com/

        Good luck!

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        I do recall that spring……or should I say the absence of the spring. Many fell out/off. If you are looking to install one to configure for “stock accuracy” you will have to continue with an APB across the Ford empire. I do not know of any. However, if it is a matter of function. You don’t need it or shouldn’t need it. Slave cylinders had a light spring to keep the push rod “loaded”. You can safety wire it in place if concerned about losing the rod. I know, I know, it’s a MacGyver thing. TT

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        Ron and Cathy Stein

          I have been poking around the internet this morning without much success. The Tiger Parts book doesnt have a Ford part number for the clip. My theory is that Cobras should have a similar clip, as they have a similar set up with I think may be the same slave cylinder moving a Ford fork. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything yet. You would think that the Shelby guys may have shown Rootes how they arranged their setup. I did come across this Mopar clip that may work with some modification, or additional wire. As Tom says, some MacGyvering would be required. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/cwa-4338855?seid=srese3&gclid=Cj0KCQiA6rCgBhDVARIsAK1kGPIB8emb6IFtp00BD50iqbCxhFnBQb3eKhqR1J74tvSNyU0X8lvx-ecaAsE2EALw_wcB

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