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      Owen Mead

        Hate to sound like an Idiot but I need clarification! Here’s my question (dilemma). As Far as Rack and Pinion fluid capacity, the manual calls for 1/2 pint. But right after that figure there’s parenthesis that states (·6 U.S. pints ; ·28 liters) Now obviously 1/2 pint would be .5! So which is it?? Same with the transmission. 3 1/4 pints (4 U.S. pints ; 1·8 liters) HELP!

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        Not sure about the rack capacity but a little too much can’t hurt anything. I just fill the transmission until it pours out of the filler hole-no problem there!

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        British pint (20 imperial oz) is larger than US pint (16 US oz).


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