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      😀 😀 hey guys i just wanted to thank all of you that helped me with my retoration. I got my tiger started this weekend for the first time in about 13 years. She ran a little poor at first, with the lifters sticking, but after about 5 minutes she ran excellent. Then me and my dad noticed that after you moved the throttle just a little, about half, the accelorator pump would leak. This is prolly caused by the gasket in there that is bad from sitting for such a long time. So i am going to get a carb rebuild kit soon. Before starting it i just cleaned out the carb and didnt put in a rebuild kit as the carb looked very good, i guess i just didnt look at the gaskets that well. Prior to starting it I did these things in order as i remember: cleaned gas tanks, blew out the fuel hoses with a a. comp, changed fuel pump, replaced some gas hoses, replace fuel filter, clean carb, flush radiator, fix drain plug, change oil and filter, put some liquid wrench down spark plug holes, and change spark plugs. This all took me about 1 month and a half

      66 Tiger MK1A

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      Way to go! That had to be a good feeling seeing your Tiger run after such a long time. The accelerator pump is easy to fix once you have the kit-on some cars you can change it with the carb in place on the engine. You sure don’t want gas leaking on a hot engine! You do have a fire extinguisher nearby while working/driving your car don’t you? That is cheap insurance…..Eric

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      Joey, Good to hear from you. In the past (some years ago) you were asking a lot of questions. It all seems to have worked. Keep up the good work as one of the youngest Tiger owners. Stay in touch, there is always more to learn or to report.

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