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      What is the correct shift pattern for a sunbeam series V with synchromesh transmission? Reason, I ordered what I thought was a NOS shift knob. The pattern shows reverse down and to the left on the knob but reverse is down and to the right on my car. If this is not the correct knob then what would the knob that I just purchased be applicable for? Please assist.


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      The SV is down and right for reverse. The stock knob is a nice little tear drop job, the earlier cars have the bigger more T shaped knob with reverse down and left.

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      Thanks Jim. Apparently they sent me the earlier knob by mistake. By the way, do you know of anyone that has the correct clips that attach the outer rubber glass seal to the door. Everyone seems to carry the anti-rattle clips but not the ones for the outside seal.

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      Sunbeam Specialties used to. Ask for Part # DC57.

      One caution though. A lot of owners blame the clips for anchoring the weather-strip securely when in fact it is the door metal that the clip is anchored to that causes the problem. To make the clip grip the outer weather strip better, stick a flat bladed screwdriver in the slot where the clip is anchored, Then slightly bend the metal inward a little. This will force the clip teeth to be tighter on the weather-strip. This will, or should, make sense when you examine the clip mounting arrangement.

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