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      Anyone know where I can get a replacement heater control valve for a 67 Series V Alpine? I read that a 78-80 Honda Civic valve will work but cannot seem to find anyone that has those for sale either. I called a few yards around me and they just laughed. Autozone lists one but can no longer get it. I even went as far as contacting the manufacturer that sold to Autozone and they said they discontinued making it. Please advise or if anyone has one at a reasonable cost, please let me know.


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      Joe, the Honda valve has been unattainable for several years. It is not special enough to waste time trying to find one. I have not been very active in the parts scene as of late but to my knowledge, someone had a repair kit for the valves. But I do not know who. Also, MGB uses the same valve internals although the valve exterior is different. There are plenty of sellers of MGB valves. If you are a natural Macgyver, you can transfer the internals parts. Learn by taking yours apart. It is no good anyway.

      Hopefully someone will know where to buy a kit. If you don’t care for originality, your local NAPA or any parts dealer can provide a general purpose valve quite economically that works great. Just look at their pictures of valves and pick one with the features you want, like 1/2″ in /out and a lever that operates in the direction you want it to close.

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      This post prompted me to take my old one apart. This and the last price I saw at over $125 for a hard to find replacement. I bought a new one previously at the Ohio Invasion last year for $55, I think it was. There’s only a cylinder inside with what looks like a faucet washer on the end that stops the water from flowing. I had to really beat the end with a hammer to loosen the cylinder. The inside is rusted and I’m going to have to find something small enough to get in there to smooth that out, but if I can find a new cylinder with a new washer, I think this can be repaired. Not an insignificant thing. 😀

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      How did you get your valve apart? It looks like the cylinder is welded together. As far as smoothing it out, you can buy small honers, I have one that I use to repair master cylinders. Does anyone out there know of a rebuild kit available for these and how to them apart without destroying it? I tried locating a 78-79 Honda Civic valve that I had read is close, but they seem to be just as hard to find. The places that did list them ended up not being able to get them and the manufacturer Four Seasons no longer makes them. Are there any other compatible ones out there?

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      I understand heater control valve repair kits are no longer available anywhere. I am not on top of the parts scene these days. So do not take this as gospel.

      If you don’t mind being a surgeon, buy a new replacement valve for a MGB. Their internals are identical. And that is what you need. This applies to B’s using the early or late style valves. I do not know the B years VS valve style. You are on your own here.


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