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      I would like to obtain a copy of an owner’s manual for the Series IV Alpine with Borg Warner automatic transmission. Also, I would like to obtain a copy of a wiring diagram for this version. The transmission has an inhibitor switch which at present is not connected to anything. I would like to know how it should be connected. The Rootes shop manual has nothing about the automatic transmission version. The parts manual includes the transmission but no wiring diagrams.

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      I believe the Borg Warner auto had its own service manual and there have been a few on Ebay recently. The BW manual should have the diagram you are looking for. As you stated, the WSM 124 only has the manual version of the Alpine.

      Regards, Robin.

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      You dont really need a wiring diagram. Just re-route the ‘starter’ wire to the solenoid via the inhibitor switch. Check the switch is open for all gears, and closed for park. This prevents you operating the starter in any gear. (not sure about neutral though, may be open or closed).

      Note: the switch needs to be in good condition as there is a lot of current through the solenoid. A poor switch can lead to starting problems.

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      Thanks for the info. I will try to get the switch connected and see if it works. If not, I guess I will just leave it off.

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