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      Does anyone know if later SIII up rear leaf springs will fit a SII? My springs are shot and the cost of having them rebuilt is about the same price of new SIII up leafs through VB.

      I don’t mind doing a little modification (since my car has a Capri R/E expect to do so). Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you

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      I seem to recall a post from the old SAOCA forum indicating that the S-3 and later springs are wider than the earlier versions (1/4" IIRC) and will not fit. Take that with a grain of salt, but maybe it will give you something to ask about when you talk to VB or whoever.

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      Check around locally for a spring shop that can re-arch your springs and press in some new shackle bushings. Way cheaper, and they can match the tension, replace leaves (if necessary), increase the lift a bit, etc.

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      I just measured the springs, they are about 44" long and 2 1/4" wide.

      My local spring ship does not have any specifications on a ‘What’s that thing called a Sunlight?’. If anyone has the specifications on the springs they can re-arch them.

      Thank you,

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      Your two specs are correct; 44" between centers (oops…"centres") and 2.25" width. Also:

      Depth: 1.172"

      Laden camber: 0.50" negative (on or off car)

      Laden camber load: 165 lbs.
      (On car; load to be evenly distributed approx. 20 inches from
      center line of rear axle.)

      All info shamelessly plagerized from the work shop manual. I cannot be held responsible for any confusion.

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      Mike Schreiner

        I have a series 2 parts car with orig springs on it……sat many years before it rusted so bad it had to be parted….Mike….want a replacement set?

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