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      Driving late one evening this weekend from Westhampton to Bridgehampton the ignition warning light came on! Bad place to break down on back roads..However,the headlights remained strong …no dimming.The amp meter continued to show the system was charging. Drove back home the 30 or so miles that evening for about 45 minutes [somewhat heavy traffic]…no problem. Visually checked out the next day the fan belt and tension,the alternator,control box regulator, warning light regulator;checked all wires /grounds on these items as per Lucas 1994 very thorough instruction manual.Warning light remains on steady not flickering.System is definitelycharging.Starts instantly. So why does the warning light remain on? Thanks for your thoughts.

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      Hi Frank,
      I had the same problem with my last S5. What you "only" need is the warning light control relay LUCAS 3AW . LUCAS partsno. 38717 – it looks like the indicator relay and it original mounted in the engine bay LH side.

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