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      When an LBC sits for a period of time, the clutch sometimes seizes to
      the flywheel. This is noted by an easy depression of the clutch pedal.
      There are two solutions to solving the problem; first would be to
      separate the engine from the transmission to gain access tot he pressure
      plate and free it up from the flywheel, the alternate course would be to
      jack up the rear wheels and start the engine in gear, preferably, in
      second gear. While running the engine at 2000 rpm momentarily step on
      the brake or use the hand brake to cause the flywheel to separate from
      the pressure plate. Some sounds may be hear and the clutch pedal will
      return to the normal pressure. Slowly depress the clutch and try to put
      the car in another gear to verify separation. Tip courtesy of Tom Wiencek.

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      After removing the transmission from the engine I found that the clutch was stuck on the pressure plate. The car hadn’t been driven for 12 years. Both the clutch and pressure plate look to be new (never used).
      It popped off with but left discolored areas on the pressure plate. I wet sanded the plate but some of it is still discolored. Is this a problem?

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      I recently purchased a barn fresh Alpine, sitting 14 years, got it running but clutch was also stuck to flywheel……I held down clutch pedal, started car with battery(warmed up engine) of course it took off with no clutch….drove it around th yard jerking the gas pedal a few times with clutch depressed and it broke loose and has been working fines evers since….have used this method several times over the last 30 years …mike in Florida

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