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      Joseph Urban

        I am considering swapping my Tiger Close ratio box for a wide ratio box – any recommendation for an East Coast S. Florida shop?

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        Joseph – Hi, Mike Schreiner – the TEAE Florida Regional Rep – may know of someone who could do the work for you. I just picked up some parts from him, and he was showing me a spare transmission from a Mk IA he would like to sell if you need a transmission.

        Gary Corbett
        St. Lawrence Region Rep

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        Dan Williams Toploader Transmissions did my wide ratio conversion. Knows our Tigers and is Highly Recommended. {828) 349-9125

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          Joseph Urban

            Did you convert your existing transmission or get a new one from Toploader? Wondering about logistics/costs?

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          I had my existing transmission converted to wide ratio. Shipping to Franklin, NC was $120 .
          Cost to Rebuild/Convert was $1200 which included return shipping in January 2022.
          Turn around was about 3 weeks.
          I have a shipping container if you need one.

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            Joseph Urban

              I assume you pulled engine?? I am thinking that means at least a new clutch, maybe a rear engine seal?? Can you give me an idea of your other costs for the switch of transmission ratios??

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            I am in the process of a complete restoration on a rotisserie. so yes the engine is out of the car. I dont know that the transmission could be removed without pulling the engine perhaps someone could chime in. I would recommend you replacing those bits while you are at it.

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