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      That is 3 dominant "sports racing cars" – Ford, Aston-Martin, and Maserati respectively – to be "demonstrated" in the 3-acre rear lot at the Simeone Foundation Museum this Saturday 5/22 at 12 noon. The demonstration is followed by a guided tour of the museum.

      If you’re not familiar with the museum, it contains over 60 rare sports racing cars, ranging from a 1909 American Underslung (some raced at Indy) to a Porsche 917 "long tail". The collection includes two GT40s, a Cobra Daytona Coupe (1 of 6), a Cunningham C4R (yeah, it’s got a Hemi), a Corvette Gran Sport (1 of 5), an Allard (Caddy powered), Superbird, Gullwing Mercedes, etc. The Museum is located near the Philadelphia Auto Mall.
      See the website for more details Simeone Foundation Museum » Home

      If you missed the "Best of Britain" day, this could be a good one!

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