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      Finally, confirmation that one of the 1961 Sebring Alpines remained in Florida during the early 60’s. I had always hear by word-of-mouth the car was in Flordia but this is hard documentation.

      I found an ad in a May 24th, 1962 Competition Press placed by Ralph Noseda. Full decription of the car and he was selling it for 2800.00. Ralph lived in the Miami area (East Perrin)

      So, where is it? Surely, someone in Florida will luck into it.


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      Hopefully it is still around and not scrap or rust. Do we know the details on the car? Maybe someone has it and does not realise its significance.

      Regards, Robin.

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      The only detail that would stand out would be the fuel filler coming up through the right rear fender top. (versus the side).

      Unfortnately, Noseda may have passed away some time ago.

      I would be willing to bet that the car continued to club race and eventually was put on the street. The owner having no idea of the significance.


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      Mike Schreiner

        Was it an Early Car that was also Right Hand Drive? I ran across one in a Florida Barn….and the right rear fende had been hit and was partially repaired…..don’t remember the gas cap… was gutted and on a rotisserie….I bought another Alpine from the guy (series v)…but left that one there…..he was near Daytona in Florida

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