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      These are the panels off the Payne/Sheppard 1962 Sebring Alpine. You can still see the old number 43 on one of the panels. Finally, they will be reunited with the original chassis after 45 or so years. On the other you can see two "4"s. There is a theory that this was also the 1962 New York Auto show car. On the stand they displayed #41 the more successful Proctor/Harper Alpine. However, Don Yenko in the Corvette had sideswiped the Proctor/Harper Alpine. The damage was substantial. The theory is #43 was renumbered #41 for the show.

      I can’t wait to see them back on the car.


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      Terrific find. A needle in the hey stack. Each color has a history. These are storied panels. If they could talk!!

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