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      I’m thinking about having my seats redone (66 Tiger) and wanted to find out if anyone has recommendations on new seat foam and covering. I’d like to have the seats done in leather. Was leather an option in any of the Alpines or Tigers originally? Does anyone know of a good source for seat foam replacements and leather upholstery? Thanks in advance.

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      [quote Does anyone know of a good source for seat foam replacements and leather upholstery? Thanks in advance.[/quote]

      Seat foam cushions are available through Rick at Sunbeam Specialties.
      You can view his catalog at You will find the cushions under the upholstery listings.


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      Lori and Dave Noyes

        My upholstery looks good but the 43 year old foam is crumbling and falling out onto the floor. Anyone know how difficult it is to replace the foam keeping the original upholstery?

        Lori N.

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        It’s not difficult, the covers come off easily and go back on easily. If you’re going to United in October look me up and we can talk about it.

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        Having trouble just bought seat covers with loose pillow backrest. Don’t know how to hook side pieces to the frame so the foam don’t show when you put the loose pillow down. My old ones had wire but afraid that will rip the new seat covers??? Any help would be appreciated

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        i did mine last year in leather. first i bought a leather hide from a place on ebay after getting some free samples. then i had a local interior guy cut the leather and stitch up covers based on the old passenger seat which i left him.

        these covers, i then fitted myself using new cushions and straps from sunbeam specialties and some steel strips from home depot. i also did the center armrest and the GT door rolls in the same leather.

        a few photos of the process here: … album.html

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        Looks great I bought the covers from sunbeam parts dealer and we are putting them on ourselves. I found out what my major problem was. It was I forgot to put the metal pieces in on the backrest as I have loose pillow seats. Once I did that It worked fine. I wish I had the time, I could make my own as I do sew and sewed for a living for about 10 years…no time. Maybe someday I can redo them in leather that would be sweet. Bev

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        I don’t know about what type of foam to use, but definately go for a nice leather for the upholstery. You can’t beat the smell and feel of nice leather (and no I don’t have a leather suit 😉 ).

        Regards, Robin.

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        Lori and Dave Noyes
          quote mikephillips:

          It’s not difficult, the covers come off easily and go back on easily. If you’re going to United in October look me up and we can talk about it.

          Unfortunately, I am not able to make it the the United. I was hopeful, but too many family obligations happening that week. Are there any special tools required? Any directions in back newsletters perhaps?

          Lori N.

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          quote dlnoyes:

          Any directions in back newsletters perhaps?

          i found this guide pretty helpful:

 … atsPt1.asp

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          You shouldn’t need any special tools, other than possibly doing some welding on the seat frames if they’ve cracked or broken at the joints. Inspect them before reassembly. If you’re careful removing the original bottom cover the clips should be reusable. I’ve use a flat scredriver blade set against the exposed side of the open end end and tapped them straight off. Don’t try to lever them off, they’ll break. Compare the removed cover with the new one, you’ll probably need to poke a couple holes in them to allow the seat adjustor to fit properly. Also note that the bottom assemblies are handed, the backs are not, so you can mix and match. I’d recommend if one of the backs is better than the other and you’re not going to spend time fixing it, put the better one on the driver’s seat. Other than that just take your time, perhaps some photos, and it should go ok.

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          Mike Schreiner

            I just finished refurbishing my seats….I sprayed 3m Contact cement on the top of the seat back and pillow with the pillow inside out…..then as I installed it I reveresd the inside out……then stuck the spray can in between the cover and the foam to spray 1st the back, then the front…worked pretty well….on the bottom I did similar with contact cement 1st on center double layer, then the restt of it…..securing underneath with metal clips…….Another thing I did was add A Lower lumbar suppport pillow in the seat back ….it is a hand ball inflatable rubber pillow from Moss Motors…..I glued it to the seat back foam with marine 5200 by 3m (must dry 24 hours) You cant see it when deflated and helps my back when inflated….will be grat on those road trips to TEAE uniteds…..Mike…I would attach a picture if I could figure out how…

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            Lori and Dave Noyes

              Dad came out today and we took the passenger seat apart to replace the bottom cushion. We got it all apart except for one stubborn bolt. After borrowing an impact driver — new gift idea for hubby — from a neighbor (who has been curious about my car since seeing/hearing it last summer and seeing several Sunbeams parked out front after the Taste of Britain show in Rothsville), we got it loose. The cover is in good shape and the clips came off nicely, but parting it from the old disintegrating foam and glue was a mess. We started reassembling, but had some technical difficulties with the rivet gun and had to stop for dinner and dad’s drive home. Nathan may help me tomorrow after a trip out for more rivets. Dad’s been without a garage & basement since Nov., so he enjoyed the chance to putter for the day. 😀

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              Jeff Nichols

                I don’t know if there is a source for leather seat covers in the USA but there is one in the UK. Check Ebay Item number: 200320927663. If I hadn’t done my seats several years ago with Martha Wheat vinyl, I would have gone the leather route.

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                Who needs leather…

                …no tigers were harmed in the making of these seat covers!


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                Lori and Dave Noyes

                  Dad came back out today and we finished putting the seat back together. We were glad we only did one…we were able to look at the other to see how the mechanisms should go back together. Who knew we’d forget in one week! The link to the tigersunited tech tips were very helpful. Now my passenger won’t feel like he’s sitting on the frame 😉


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