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      Hello all,

      I did do a search and could not find help to my question. I need seat belts in my MK 1A. I know that Moss, Victoria British and Sunbeam Specialties sells a three point belt. Which source is the best for a belt as close to original as possible?

      Do you guys have any advice on installing a three point belt. I am 6’2".


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        The originals are a parachute harness type by Irving, i know of some NOS rootes ones for sale but they are expensive and not really safe anyway. As for a nice period correct looking belt with a better buckle design, look at JC whitney.. they have a chrome buckle aircraft style set at a very good price.

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        I bought a set from J.C. Whitney and they are really nice with older style aircraft buckles. They come in about eight colors and are about $40 for a pair, including all mounting hardware.

        For once J.C. did something right.

        Fred Baum

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