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      The doors on my Tiger are real tough to close. I have to lift them up at the handle, in order to get them to fully latch.
      Does anyone know how to repair that problem.Could it just be that the hinge pin is worn.
      Can you buy new pins or should I be trying to find a better used hinge.

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      I don’t know offhand if anyone has repair parts available. One stopgap measure is to shim the lower hinge plate(s) so that it jacks up the rear end of the door. However, that will close up the panel gap at the rear of the door so you can’t go too far with that approach.

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        Can be 2 things:

        Yes alpines and tigers have heavy doors that wear the hinges. You can have the hinges re-pinned and this will fix the issue. However.. also check that you dont have a situation when the door is closed that the gap at the top of the doors rear edge (by the b-post) is very close or rubbing.. and the gap at the bottom edge is wide.. this can mean the sills are weak and the car is sagging. Its likely that its the hinges but i have seen some tired sunbeams that were sagging due to rust in the sills.

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        You may try Doug Jennings, He use to have the hinges repined I have had both my Tiger and Alpine door hinges done it helps when you are refitting your doors. :mrgreen:

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