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      i’d like your help to devise a plan for my tiger’s brakes. currently is has a fully stock system which doesn’t work too well.

      i’m thinking the following but its just an idea:
      1) new master cylinder (7 bore) and get rid of the booster which seems problematic.
      2) dale’s wilwood vented kit for the front (is there a cheaper alternative!?)
      3) either new pads for the back or some kind of disc conversion. again, is there a cheaper way to do it than dale’s kit?

      thanks in advance.

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        There will be cheaper ways to do it than dales. And if you rear the Rootes Review someone has done an article on a rear conversion. These will all require you doing the engineering. I think Dales kit is very reasonable for the quality, its a known quantitiy and has support.. in the long run is probably easier and if you take into account time.. cheaper.

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        ok, i’m sold on dale’s front kit. i read the back kit gave something like 90/10 rear/front distribution though. wouldn’t it be better just to stick with the drums?

        how about master cylinder and booster or the lack of? whats the general consensus there?


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        Mike Schreiner

          Change your master to smaller bore (3/4 vrs 7/8) Early Alpines had them and CAT club sells them….Leave the booster in for looks, but you wont need it with smaller bore master and ugraded discs……The boosters fail even after a rebuild….unless you send them to a pro shop which is pricey….My opinion…Mike

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            While what Mike says will work, and i have an SII alpine with no servo, and my tiger (nice to say that) is running dales front and rear kit with no booster, if i was going to swap the MC i would go a dual setup. I have heard rumors of Datsun 280Z MC’s and a few others, if you are going to order parts from Dale i am sure he knows what to use.

            I would go dual for safety, its one of the first things i will change on my car once i get it registered.

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            Here is Doug Jennnings’ (Tiger Auto) solution to the master cylinder.

   … linder.jpg

            The next picture shows the balance bar setup.

   … ncebar.jpg

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            How are the brakes set up on Doug’s design? One front and one rear for each cylinder, or all front and all rear?

            Fred Baum

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            The inside master works the front brakes and the outside the rears. The rear brakes are disks with Fiat calipers and Datsun B210 rotors. I had to redrill the rotors and machine them to clear the Tiger hub. I also had to make a caliper adapter bracket. Total cost was about $ 250.

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