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      What is anyone running for 13″ tires these days? I need to stay at around 24″ diameter to avoid any ground clearance problems which puts me at a 185/70R13. Kumho and Toyo both make a tire in that size and I’m thinking along the lines of the Toyo, but would like an American or European tire – if available. What experiences is anybody having running 13 inchers.

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      Uncle Wally used to swear bu his Yokohamas.

      I had Dunlop ‘H’ rated GT Qualifiers (185x70x13) on my Lat 9’s.
      But they don’t make that size anymore. I replaced two with
      Dunlop SP 20(?) ‘T’ rated touring tires. They were a piece of

      My son likes KUMO’s on his Fast and Furious Honda but they
      wear quickly. This is why they are so cheap I guess.

      Have you tried looking for Goodrich Comp T/A’s


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      I have two sets of rims and tires for my Alpine. Running 185 70 13 on the stock steel rims cheap tire from the local tire store, Generals, maybe. On my Minilights I have a set of 205 60 13 Sumitomo from Tire Rack I really like the Sumitomo tires, good price not to hard not so soft that they wear out in 10k miles. The 205s are a bit shorter than the 185s.

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      UNIROYAL has a TIGERS PAW tire with that designation and a graphic paw on the sidewall.I have a set installed for about $70.00 each at BJ”S,a discount buying club.They seem to be decent and run well but I don’t remember the speed rating.In any event it’s dangerous to keep an old set ,even if a premium tire,as age deteriorates tires even if the tread isn’t all that bad. frank mooney

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      Phil Ashmore

        From this board and from the tiger list info I bought a set of Sumitomo’s. I have 13 in Panasports, installed 195-60-13 on the front. Recommended by two people for a little better turn in feel, on 6in front rims. on back 6 and 1/2 rims put 205-60-13’s. No fit prob and seem to work much better than the t/a’s that were on the car. Price was half that or less than Toyo proxis, spec tire which is not street legal here in ontario so the toyo head office told me, and the Toyo’s have a UTOG ratting of only 60!! Great for track days and auto x…but not going to last long. So far….only 200 miles, feel good and are good in the wet. We will see….cheers

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