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      Hi, I was a member back in the mid 90’s, and just rejoined again. Any way I have a 66 SV and it is riding low in the back and on occasion scapes the rear tires. What can I do to fix this? I was told there might be a lift kit or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Tony

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      The “down in the rear” problem is common with Alpines (and Tigers) and is the result of rear springs that have sagged over time. The only real cure is to replace the springs or have them re-arched. A competent spring shop can re-arch the springs or build a new set and I think you can get replacements from Victoria British.

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      Another thing to check would be the tires themselves. Where are they getting scraped – near the tread/sidewall interface? Are they actually hitting the wheel arch? In which case, your tire profile is too wide. Are you running stock rims or aftermarket wheels? If your sidewall-to-sidewall distance is wider than your arch-to-arch dimension, you’ll scrape frequently.

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