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      I bought my RHD Tiger in UK in 1978 (B9473341).
      With it came a jack made by Metallifacture. I know these jacks were standard OEM on Jaguar XK-E. Does anyone know if they were every sold with Tigers in UK?


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        As far as i know there was only the one type of jack for all markets. Perhaps the owner bought it specially?

        There is no obvious place on a Sunbeam for the supporting pad (point) it looks liek its designed to fit under a special locator in a sill.. i would be concerned using that ona sunbeam.

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        The January/February issue of the Rotes Review has detailed photos and descriptions of the jacks and tool kit as supplied by Rootes for the Sunbeams. This information comes from Graham Vickery of S.T.O.C. in England and Mark Olsen from the U.S.

        Graham has the first and last production Tigers and these are unmolested examples.

        The Rootes Review issue is at the printer and should be in your hands within the next week to ten days.

        Fred Baum
        Editor, the Rootes Review

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