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      Hello again from Nebraska !

      Last year I managed to get my friend Lucky to reproduce a couple sets of the LAT 41 fender vents. They all sold and we were done as there was no more raw stock available.
      At that time I assumed that we would never be able to do the project a second time because we had to get a worker out of retirement to bend the pieces for that job .
      Well,….. it was a long wet spring , the farm economy sucks , Lucky needed some work , the fabricator needed some money , and the planets aligned perfectly…..
      so there are now three more pairs of the Vents up for grabs !

      Here’s the story for those of you just getting in on this saga…..
      Back in the early ’90s I borrowed an un-installed original set of the LAT 41 Vents from a generous TEAE member in Ohio so that we could copy them for use on my ’65 Tiger [ B382000045]
      At that time we made some extras and sold them off ….I saved one set for a model if we needed more of them sometime in the future.

      Well, the future is now !

      The fabricator for the raw metal used to work in a giant plant that makes parts for farm equipment or we would never be able to do this. For these vents he essentially has to make all of the bent stock first and then my friend Lucky the welder does the assembly , and it takes most of a day to do a pair . It involves a set of 6 custom made jigs and there isn’t a square corner anywhere.
      The vent is 4X6 and just raw steel. They mount by cutting a hole in the fender and mounting them inside , from the back. They have a tab along the top and bottom edge to tack weld to ..There is no finishing outside edge. We just leaded mine . If you want them to actually function , you are getting into some cutting in the engine compartment……. One of the guys that bought a set last year vintage races his Tiger. He reported back that the vents were working so well he could see his hood push down at speed .
      If you go here to … 432845269/ [ you might have to sign up to get there] , or try and search for Doc Ivo , find the Photo Stream and then the "Tiger" set…..
      there are a couple of pics of the pair of vents left over from the 90’s go round, and a shot of a set mounted in my Tiger.
      It turns out that if you leave them on a shelf in the garage for 15 years they rust a little……. !

      After this run I don’t expect to ever do this again, so if you want a pair now is the time to speak up.

      A pair of these will run you $ 375 .00 plus the postage.
      I am not making anything on this deal, I am just putting it together to help out a couple Tiger friends.
      If you are interested in a pair at that price , please get back to me soon.

      There are just three pair available.

      don robertson
      TE/AE # 054
      539 South Baltimore Ave
      Hastings NE 68901

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