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      I just purchased a MK1 that a previous owner installed an automatic transmission in. The original transmission is not available. Is anyone aware of another source of the correct sized toploader (i.e. other Ford cars of the same years)? Or am I better off installing a 5 spd?


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      By all means go with a 5 speed.
      Parts should be available but you may need to look a bit.Except for a bit of tunnel mods it should be a bolt in.I have 5 speeds in both of my cars.

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      I should have been a bit more specific. What other vehicles were compatible toploaders installed in? I suspect this transmission came in more than one configuration, and I want to expand my search for a replacement toploader to other vehicles.

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      Google Ford toploader. Look at the David Kee and Dan Williams websites.
      You’ll find the information you need.

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