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        I am trying to remove a rear axle on a 65 tiger and have a question. Is there a key or clip in the rear end that I need to remove before I use a slide hammer to pull the axle? I tried just the slide hammer but it doesn’t want to budge. Any direction will be appreciated.



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        No clip. They can be stubborn after 40 years or so.

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        When I swapped out my axles they pulled out quite easily by hand after the mounting bolts were removed.



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        When I was ready to replace the bearings, I thought I would bite the bullet and pay someone to pull the axles. After watching them beat on my car for an hour, I couldn’t take it any longer and told them to stop. I borrowed tools from Advance Auto Parts and after some serious effort they finally came out. If you have someone you can trust to do the work, it may be worth the expense. I definitely would not expect them to come out easily by hand.

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        I’ve made a tool to remove the rear axles, if someone wanted to borrow it they could just pay shipping back and forth. John Logan Jr

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