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      Gene Sokolowski

        I have just mocked up my engine and need to acquire a suitable remote oil filter adapter (I’m not wanting to install the 49 year old stock system). I am running a set of Sumbeam Specialties headers. Ford made a 90 degree adapter some years ago. Please let me know what you may be using as an adapter for a spin on filter.

        Thanks much,

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        I use the Ford threaded insert which lets you use a short filter directly to the block. The Ford part number is F1AZ-6890-B. You can Google this PN and find a lot of places selling it-even on eBay. The short filters I have are old ones and not available now. Fram PH35 and Purolator FCO 101. A Mann W77 filter fits well and you can still get them. I have a 90 degree adaptor made by Ford and used on the old Econoline vans but heard that those don’t fit with headers. Eric

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        Speedway Motors has them in their catalog, however with the last set of SS headers one would not fit (as said here) we just ended up making our own!

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        MANY years ago STOA offered a remote oil filter kit that mounted the filter behind the headlight. Contact Tom Hall @ Or reference the setup Classic Motorsports Magazine used on their Tiger buildup with an oil cooler.

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        I just spent two days installing a remote oil filter adaptor and a oil cooler.
        I mounted the oil filter behind the drivers side headlight and the oil cooler is about 3" diameter and about 36" long and i mounted it to the bottom of the front frame rails. Wish I had a oil temp gauge to see if it made any difference but thought it has to help some.
        You know the old saying about measuring twice and cutting once well even when i measured twice I still screwed up a couple of times but its all in and not leaking but everything is just so tight!!!!!!!!!!

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