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      Hi Forum,

      I have been lucky enough to have been looking after my Dad’s Tiger while he is overseas. I noticed after driving it that there is a slight oil leak from between the adaptor bolt and the adaptor. I removed the adaptor bolt to check the fibre washer and found that it had been replaced with a platic one. I located what I think is a correct washer from a club member and installed it, but it is still leaking. What is the corect dimensions for the fibre washers (internal/external dimension and thickness)? Is this leak a common problem? How tight do you tighten the adaptor nut?

      Thank you, Robin.

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      I don’t know about everybody else, but I never had any luck keeping the remote filter mounting from leaking. It seems you can’t tighten the nut over that gasket tight enough. That’s why I went to the right angle adapter mentioned in some other discussions on this forum and eliminated all leaking problems. With the right angle adapter you can’t use the big filter that the remote mount uses, but a slightly smaller diameter filter fits fine (Ford Taurus filter for one).

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      As discussed elsewhere in this forum recently you can also fit a stubby filter directly to the block using the standard threaded coupler. The filter number is given in a recent post. I used a filter I know was listed for a Renault 5 (LeCar in U.S.). It is a bit messier than the angled adapter but worked very well until I eventually came across one at a swap meet.

      cheers, Gilles

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      With the right angle adapter, I use a Fram 2870-A filter. It just clears the oil pan side. I believe the adapter I use has been referred to as the Econoline adapter.

      Fred Baum

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