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      Now that I’ve got lots of space with my brake booster removed, is it possible to relocate the fuel pump to the engine bay?

      If not, can anyone show pics of where the fuel pump goes in the wheel well on later Tigers?

      After seeing my muffler covered in gas after the shop replaced their faulty fuel pump, I’m leery of having the fuel pump right over the muffler.

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      Many fuel pumps have little or no self-priming capability, and can’t draw any appreciable amount of fuel, so they have to be mounted below the fuel tank. The Tiger pump is in this category too, as far as I know. So while it’s possible to mount the pump in the Alpine spare tire well, mounting it in the engine compartment is unlikely to give you good performance.

      I’m also interested in the Mk2 Tiger pump arrangement – I’m converting my Tiger to EFI and need to install the fuel pump below the tank level, along with a pre-filter and post-filter. I previously made a bracket to install all three items in the stock Mk1A location but I’m re-thinking the sanity of that idea. Anyone have a good picture of the mk2 pump and plumbing in the trunk?

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      Mine is a bit different but this picture shows the pre-filter and the Comp 140 pump located toward the rear.

      Then I put in a polished aluminum panel to cover them,

      with 2 opening access covers.

      It’s worked well for over 15 years now.

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      Reawakening an old thread for a new question. I need to find a place to relocate my fuel pump to permit better gravity feed to the fuel pump.

      I am considering mounting the fuel pump in the MK2 location, in the empty spare tire well. I have never had the opportunity to see the way the MK2’s fuel system was plumbed. How were the fuel lines routed? Was there still a line under the floor of the trunk from the fuel balance pipe? Did unit go straight through the sheet metal into the spare tire well? And how was the line going to the engine routed (any differences from my MK1A?)? I would really like to see some picture. Any hope of that?

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      I’ve been able to answer my own question with some research. Thanks!

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      You can use the existing fuel pump mount and then mount it to span across the tire well. Holes will need to be drilled to allow the fuel lines access (use rubber grommets to protect the fuel lines going through these holes) and the pump wiring will have to be re-routed. It is a much better location than above a hot muffler! Good luck, Eric

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      Forward side of the trunk panel works well also.

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