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      I’m about 6 ft. tall. I have no problem with the Tigers size but am thinking it would be a lot more comfortable to move the seat back a few inches. I sat in two Tigers yesterday and it looks like the only thing stopping the seat from moving further back is the metal shelf behind the seat. Looks like if I cut a small notch into this tray I would be able to move the seat back at least two inches. Has anyone ever tried this? Thanks!

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      I’m seriously thinking about the exact thing.Been thinking about it for years.This winter I hope to do both cars
      If you cut the socalled bench you will need to add to the floor for the 2 or so inches.It is possible if you cut the panel high enough to bend flat to compensate for the a bit of welding.You can gain abit more by possibly slanting the upright panel.This will allow a bit more comfort room as the straight panel restricts the reclining of the seat when you move the seat back.
      If you do this I would rivet the pieces together first before welding.Much easier to remove a rivet than cut a weld.
      If you do go ahead and do this let me know how you make out

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      I looked closely at the two Tigers I rode in yesterday. The stock seat tilts back at an angle. It looks like the only thing keeping the seat from being relocated a couple of inches rearward is the steel bench. If I cut an angled slice out of the bench the width of the driver’s seat I may be able to gain a few inches of extra travel. I have my car totally apart right now and am going to put the seat in and check this out closer. I also would like to move the pedals a little farther apart. My feet are size 11. Guess English dudes have small feet, etc. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      One could always relocate the dimmer switch to gain more foot room.

      Its not the angle of the seat only.Being able to change both would be the smart thing to do together

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      I’m in undercoating/paint removal mode now. I’ll repost when I can address this problem in earnest. Until then, I’m deep deep deep under the covers (as Eddie Murphy would say)… 8)

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      I added more spacers to the master cylinders this allows the pedals to move further forward,I also moved the steering colunm forward, Im near 6 ft and this workf for me,cutting into the structure
      behind the seat might also work however it is a boxed section.

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      See there are some advantages of being short ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

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      Did any of you guys happen to try the cutting into the rear platform option?

      I would be curious to know if it worked as I am considering the same thing – being 6’3 I wouldnt mind a little more leg room…..its bad enough
      getting bugs in my teeth haha.

      My car is stripped down right now- so now would be the time.


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      Instead of cutting the rear shelf you might consider installing an aftermarket or a Miata seat. Many years ago before new Sunbeam covers became available I installed seats from a TR7 in one car and aftermarket seats for a Mini Cooper in another. Seats that don’t recline are thinner. The cost is about the same as rebulding and recovering your Sunbeam seats and you don’t have to cut the body.

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      Were using Cobra seats in the new car and find the room to be better than the stock seats? we used the stock sliders with some mods,works for us!

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      When you say Cobra seats I assume you are referring specifically to the Cobra brand?

      I have been considering aftermarkets as my first choice is to not cut. I was looking at the Roadster 7 seat

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      Yes and no Cobra seats yes, but the replicia Cobra seats

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