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      With the beginning of longer daylight, I generally get to thinking “what does my Alpine need for the new season”. This year I decided to replace the crossover rod bushings. While removing the relay arm, what the WSM calls “the large (bottom) grease seal” disintegrated, in my hand. Rick, at Sunbeam Specialties, does not have this seal, but suggested I make one, out of felt. Looking at the fragments and the “small (upper) grease seal”, it does not look like it’s made of felt. Possibly plastic or leather? Does anyone know where this seal could be purchased or how I can make it? Thanks.

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      The arm that you are talking about is that the one for the steering or wiper system?

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      Hi Gary/Diana, sorry for the delay, I didn’t realize anyone had replied. It was the one for the steering relay arm. I ended up finding a rubber tube/spacer in the hardware section of Lowes, of the correct diameter. When I finally removed all the old seal fragments, it looked like the original seal was nothing more than a section of a radiator hose (covered in old grease/oil/dirt). Thanks for the reply.

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