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      1– I have a ’66 Mk-1 RHD Tiger with the original English number plate: “OBP194D”. Any suggestions as to how I might track down the original ownership and registration history of the car ? I’ve owned it for about 15 yrs, bought it from someone in suburban Detroit, believe I’m the 3rd owner, and that the original owner brought it over. Is there any hope of tracking the registration through the British equivalent of our motor vehicle dept., etc. ?

      2– The rear axle, in addition to the normal springs, shocks, & pahhard rod, is fitted with horizontal acting Koni trac-bar shocks. From the suspension mountings, etc., this appears to be a factory set-up, versus someone’s modification. Anyone know the history of this arrangement ? I haven’t seen it on any other Tigers.

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      I have the same Koni track bars on the rear. When I restored my 1964 MK1 Tiger, I didn’t know much about these and installed them again. The previous owner used to drag race the Tiger. Maybe he installed them?? But I also have a “competition Cobra 289” engine in a MK1, which is even mentioned on the window sticker which I have. It was an additional $600. That’s all I know about them.

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        From the description, this sounds like a setup that Barry Schonberger was selling a while back, based on a similar Mustang (?) parts. Post a picture so that someone might be able to identify it.


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        I couldn’t figure out how to post a picture, so I posted that question on the “help” section of the forum. Until I get the pic’s posted, here’s some additional description: 1- forward mount of the shocks/trac-bars is to the inside of the forward spring eye, using the spring monting bolt (longer than stock I assume), 2- rear mount is is just below and inboard of where the spring attaches to the axle with U-bolts, using what appears to be a specially fabricated axle mounting pad, 3- externally, the units look like Koni shocks with a female mount at each end, except there’s an elongated welded “hump” near the fixed end of the shock unit, running about 6 ” long by 1″ by 1″.

        …. probably not very helpful, I’ll post the pic’s as soon as I can.

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