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      Hi, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced shop to rechrome my stock bumpers? Hopefully somewhat close to me near Harpers Ferry, WV, as I would like to deliver/pick-up myself. I’m not looking for top-show quality, as my personalized Tiger will never attempt to win a trophy. Thank you, & see you at United. Rich

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      Rich, I do not know a personal shop in your area but here is where I start looking whenever I need something chromed. Go to a couple local motorcycle custom shops, you know, the chopper builders. They ALWAYS know a chrome shop because they would chrome the tires if they could. Go to a couple shops and see if they recommend the same chrome shop. After you get a few names go speak to that chrome shop yourself and see what they can do for you. As far as “quality” goes, I do not believe there is a low quality chrome that is worht the money and effort. Look at any cheap tool for real world proof of that. The cheapo tools always rust, have chrome peel or flake off, and it is also damaged way too easily. I have 40 year old Snap-On tools that are scratched, but the chrome is still intact with no rust, peeling, flaking, or anything. The effort you have to go through to get a cheap chrome job is exactly the same as a high quality chrome job. Get as good a chrome job as you can and you will be much happier in the long run…ie, 5-7 years from now when the cheap chrome job needs to be redone. Bumpers get abused and cheap chrome just does not work well in this application.

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      I’m having mine rechromed now. The person that is doing them is in Lancaster, PA (K & L Plating). He gave me the option of removing the chrome myself to save on costs. It’s a lot of work (I learned to appreciate why shops charge what they do) if you have the time but the savings are substantial. I’m paying $100 a bumper. That price is strickly plating. I removed all chrome and nickel finishing and polished the bumpers prior to delivery. To get them done at that price, they have to be shiny steel when he gets them. The price goes up fast if they need work.

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      How do you remove chrome?

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      I ground them down one stage at a time (started with 80 grit then moved down to 220 grit) The grit you start with depends on how rough your bumpers are. The chrome is only the first stage. After that, the nickel underneath needs to be removed. For the final sanding I used used 400 – 600 grit paper on an oribital sander. You then need to buff out with different degrees of compound/polish to get the swirls out. All this I learned from those that charge $350plus for each bumper.

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      thanks for the info.

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      Hi, do you have a name of your contact at K & L Plating, along with address and phone #. Thank you, Rich

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      Thank you for the information. I will start checking-out the bikers for a local rechroming shop. I really don’t want to ship bumpers if I don’t have to. Thank you for taking the time to educate me. I haven’t had rechroming done on any vehicle parts since the mid 70’s and then I sold the car 6 mts later. This Tiger is long term. Rich

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      K & L Plating:
      (717) 397-9819

      One additional fact regarding removal of chrome and nickel. I started with a very rough 36-40 grit on an angle grinder for the initial removal. You must be extra careful though to not remove too much. On another note, I have a relative that works at a cycle shop here in PA. They may promise you a quick turnaround but then sit on your parts for what seems like forever. Also, many of the shops don’t have tanks large enough for bumpers.

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