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      I have a few chromed pot metal Tiger pieces that I want to have re-chromed. Have any of you found a reasonably priced, quality pot metal re-chroming shop out there? (Pieces like toggle catchs and strikers for soft top and hard top; door strikers and dovetails; wind screen outer hinge brackets and center hinge bracket; wing window inside finisher, door pulls, etc.)


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      seems chrome shops are almost extinct..epa and emploree health liability. so the remaimimg shops are not inexpensive earl blu oval

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      Mike Schreiner

        Try South America (no EPA there) FInd someone on web …ship it off and hope you get them back…but it will be cheaper

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        I’m in the same boat. My local cheap shop got shut down last year. EPA concerns. tsk tsk.

        There are DIY kits out there, which might be ok for small pieces.
        (… but nothing for plastics.)

        I was going to try plating the door pulls for my Imp on my own. I can’t really ruin them, the chrome is already gone.
        Any opinions on that?

        I wonder if the club as a whole could get a volume discount somewhere if we all submitted our chrome items at once as a group?

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        Bob and Jean Webb

          i use labrandi’s in harrisburg for replating . they are across the street from the airport. they do great work, but are not cheap . the front bumper for the 69 cost 450.00, driving light brackets for the badge bar were 50.00 each, bumper bolts 8.00 each. this may give you an idea of the cost . their phone number is 717 944 9442.

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          I use D&S Custom Metal Restoration in Holyoke MA 413-533-7770 ask for Mickey DuPuis. Also not cheap but high quality. They will fill in pot metal, copper flash polish and excellent chrome plating. Again $$$.
          I guess you get what you pay for. I also like to know a less expensive outfit!

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          Bob and Jean Webb

            i think the reason that so many shops have closed is that they didn’t keep up with regulation changes and did not generate enough revenue to be able to conform and were not able to make the changes so they close . the shops that are still open need to charge what they do in order to maintain their equipment and to make changes as they come about . my years of dealing with the EPA and other agencies makes it easy to understand why so many have closed . so i guess we will never see prices that compare to several years ago .we have to accept what we have .

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            Jim Stone

              Does anyone have any experience with the DIY systems like those sold by Caswell Plating? It won’t help with a bumper, but in theory, one should be able to handle just about anything else. And, given the costs of professional plating, it wouldn’t take much to break even on the costs of one of the basic kits.

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