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      Phil Ashmore

        One of the things I want to do this winter is clean up the frame and redo all the front suspension. A fair bit of This has been done before and the car is very rust free but I want new fulcrum pins anyway….lol. At the rear I have weld on lat 5 bars. Who ever welded them on must have done it 25 years ago or more with a stick welder, very glopey. Id like to grind clean the whole area and use my mig to neaten it up. I thought I would also try to add some strength to the area with some fish plates or extra bracketing. I’m positive I saw an article on this once but I’ll be damned if I can find any info on the archives or the tiger sites. Anyone done this or have any info or thoughts?…..thanks……cheers……Phil

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        Hi Phil,

        I had to make a set for my new Tiger which never had any. I had wondered why the front mount only has one ear sticking down from the inner side. I found out that side is stronger because it is welded to an actual box section. The other side is just welded to an unsupported connecting piece of framing. This could easily be re-in forced with a connecting piece to the floor pan.

        The only thing I modified on my setup was the addition of a safety loop using the front spring mounting bolts. Until I am confident that my welds will hold, the loop will catch the bar before catapulting my rear-end…

        Cheers, Gilles

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