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      Nice looking car. May have some Dale’s Restorations history by the comments.

      302-Powered 1965 Sunbeam Tiger Mk I 4-Speed

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        There was a video of it uploaded to YouTube I saw a couple of days ago, the aftermarket filter housing and double quad setup is fun.. must sit up into the LAT scoop.

        I note they mention aluminium LAT hood.. wonder if that’s one of Steve Alcala’s creations? If it’s all aluminium or just the outer skin.

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        James Lindner

          Regarding the hood…the following was posted on the TEAE FB page.

          That hood is a confab between Dale’s Restorations and Steven Alcala. We made a half dozen or so.


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            Is it up to us to support and contribute to that listing?
            IDK how many people have said it’s hard to contact those involved in getting a TAC . But I’d certainly take Dale’s not .02 but add zeros and decimal points over. The car is taking a hot from a couple of guy’s. I have the early Fiat rear brakes and they are fine. I wish I had that alloy hood and it’d be better to have the box that matched the car but wow . I think this car has been around the PV peninsula and possibly at a club meeting.

            I hesitate to get too involved in calling out some of the nit pickers. Only because I may put up a true trailer required Tiger.

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            Richard Greisberg

              My Tiger is on BAT now take a look number 105842 It was a 2 year resto but need to sell 175 pictures to enjoy thanks Richard 973 769 0092

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