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      Val and I randomly spotted this Sunbeam (tiger/alpine no badges) on a little road near Hubbard, Nova Scotia during our vacation this past weekend.

      Not too bad considering the climate in NS.

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      Two or one exhaust??
      Was it more or less abandone and thus for saale? Isn’t NS great? We were there last year with the Tiger on the way to PEI. Say hi to Val.

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        Well its a SV or IA as it has square corners and i can see what looks to be the hood bags for the soft top… not to mention it has a hard top.

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        I didn’t notice the exhausts to tell if it was 4 or V8. Aside from the flat tire, it looked as if someone was driving it or at least working on it. It was in front of a house, so I assume it wasn’t abandon.

        Yes, NS is a great place, Robert. Maybe next time I’ll get to see PEI !

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        It looks like an exhaust pipe sticking out under the left rear, with what seems to be a squared off end similar to an Alpine.

        Looks too far left for a Tiger, but it may have been modified over the years.

        Fred Baum

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