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      James Lindner

        Hi All
        While shipping my Tiger back from Florida (it is still enroute.) The tip of the antenna mast was broken off.

        Does anybody know anything about the specs for these antennas and a possible source? Are they fairly standardized items that were used on most cars of the day or are they Sunbeam specific? I have the standard original WR-1 push button Motorola radio as described in the dealer accessory catalog (see link.) The car is restored to original specs so I am hoping I can find an original or NOS part. Third choice would be a reproduction.…tesDlrAccs.pdf

        I know this is not the most catastrophic issue, but any help would be most appreciated. I checked all my paper work from the restoration but was unable to locate any reference to the antenna, so I am absolutely clueless on where to get a replacement. The radio was restored by Classic Car Radio Service, so I might try there if nothing else turns up through our Tiger network.

        Sorry but unable to get photos uploaded.

        Thanks, Jim

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        James Lindner

          Managed to get a couple photos uploaded.

          Thx, Jim


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