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      Anyone doing any Rack swap outs and if so what are you using and what results are you getting. I am looking for a little tighter turning radius. And whatever other benefits may come with it.

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      I built a crossmember for the V8 Alpine I have using a modified Mustang rack, 4 turns lock to lock
      I found the car easier to drive, we used a MG Midget Rack at first on a Tiger crossmember
      found the steering to be sensitive to input 2 turms lock to lock ( has to be on top of it all the time)
      the slower rack makes the car easier to drive ,we’re building another for the Tiger we have
      if you would like some pics or ? email me at

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      Did you replace the entire cross-member ?

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      Yes we built are own stuff

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        CT Tiger,

        one of the design floors of the tiger was the position where the rack was mounted and the angles of the steering arms to accomodate it. It produces negative ackerman geometry with impacts on the handling and truning circles.

        Dale A of dales restoriations offers a kit to mountan MG Midget rack and uses MGB steering arms that quicken the rack and reduce (not eliminate) the ackerman issue.

        I believ he isn ow offering complete new front X members with coil overs and a custom rack too.

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        Yes I have seen on his site the front end.Somehow i just can’t justify the money he wants.
        Jole has built a real nice front end
        I built a modified front end using Mustang II after market A arms and rack.The crossmember was openedm.Modified and internal bracing added.This was for the Lister clone.I also have used Mustang II spindles and rack on My 62.

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        Dales crossmember is in the 4K range you get no shock package and no brake package this makes the price increase quite a bit however it is a really nice piece as compaired to the other available.
        I have seen both and dales is by far the better of the two. but then again we just engineered our own not for the faint of heart ,but the end result is I have a really nice crossmember and I am building another for the Tiger I have all in what you want to do !

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        Dales rack set up looks great, however I was hoping to leave the original cross member in place. I am sure its worth every penny but 4 grand would go a lot further on other parts right now. Carroll Shelby said he used a Mazda rack and got good results. Any one do that swap ?

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          I have a Mazda power rack similar to what’s in Cleo Shelby’s car… I use an electric power steering pump to power it. I have about 5k miles on the setup and it works very well. I’ve also done a ton of other mods to the front end including QA1 Mustang II coilovers, dropped spindles, crossmember brace to frame and ackerman correction. You can see some picks of the steering here…


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          You’ll be way more than 4 grand with brakes , hubs ,shocks and springs maybe 6 grand would be closer, this is one of the reasons I build my own stuff ! I went thru the whole modified stock crossmember deal you still you still end up with the same old piece that has a lot of shortcomings
          as far as structural strength etc. I can build a crossmember quicker than modifing the stock one
          the biggest thing is the position of the rack hard to put it where it needs to be on the stock piece!
          and we got this car to work with out a front sway bar!

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          I have to watch the budget right now the economy has beat me up pretty bad in the last couple years. I guess we are all there somewhat, I looked at the photos you sent and i gotta say you are a very good fabricator. I like to drive my cars so how they handle makes a big difference.

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