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      Car and Driver has repeating annual features, and included in their January issue is one called "Winners & Losers" where they look back on the year and cite significant [usually automotive] events or people of the past year… sometimes with tongue planted firmly in cheek in their inimitable manner.

      One of the "Winners" of 2014 is "The Person Who Sold the Car", with reference to the August Monterey Auctions that "rang up more than $400 million in sales" including a world-record $38 Million Ferrari.
      Specifically mentioned is a "… a 1967 Sunbeam Tiger MkII of no particular provenance. Somebody paid an astounding $231,000 for it, or the same amount that only the day before would have bought six Sunbeam Tigers. The buyer remains anonymous, though our sources indicate that it was the Pentagon."

      Now I surely disagree that you could have gotten 6 professionally restored MkIIs for $230K prior to the auction, but maybe "any publicity is good publicity" – for the marque(?)

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